June 03, 2020 1 min read

A mobile preset is very convenient when you are traveling or on the road, you can process your photos on the go with one click, but the magic does not end there.

If you have mobile presets, but you also want to process photos on your desktop Lightroom (Mac or Windows), then there is no problem!

Please follow these simple steps and save the mobile preset to your desktop.

So, step 1: Save your mobile preset to your computer.

Step 2: Open Lightroom and select File - Import Photos and Videos.

In the import window, select the mobile preset file that you saved on your computer (it will look like a picture and have the format of DNG).

Step 3: After importing Click on the downloaded image with the preset and open the Develop tab.

A preset is already superimposed on the opened image, you need to save it. To do this, on the right side of the program, select the Presets tab and click on +, in the menu that opens, click Create Preset.

Create a new folder and enter a name for the preset. Done! Now you can find the folder with these presets on the right in the Presets panel, it is saved in your program (after closing, the preset will remain in it).

Enjoy editing with PresetBank!